What Spring Clean-Up Means For You 1

Winter is coming to an end. This means we are now tasked with cleaning up our properties to get them ready for the rainy and warm seasons. Sometimes, just finding a starting point is the hardest part of making a plan. So let’s discuss some ways you can get your hands dirty, and clean up that wasteland you call a lawn as soon as possible!

General cleaning

First things first, clean up your lawn! During the winter, wind, ice, and heavy snow may have laid waste to your lawn’s decorations and tree limbs. When the weather is right, mow your lawn, trim hedges, rake all leaves and other refuse, pick up all sticks and other plant matter. Which brings us to our next point…


If you haven’t already, make a compost bin. You can either set aside a large trash can, drum, or even section off a small piece of earth, and have an inground compost pile.

Re-mulch your flower beds

Mulching not only gives your flower beds an eye-popping color scheme, but also it’s all-in-all a good gardening practice. Mulch helps to control weeds, lock in moisture, and invites earthworms into your soil. Earthworms are an essential piece of any healthy lawn or garden’s ecosystem.

Aerate your lawn

Aeration is the process of using mechanized or manual equipment to literally puncture the soil so air, water, and nutrients can reach the grassroots. The best time to aerate your lawn is before the rainy season. This will help keep your lawn fed and healthy all summer long!

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