Gardening, as a hobby, has greatly increased in popularity with younger generations in recent years. The thought of harvesting your own organic vegetables, and leading a healthier lifestyle, is seeming to be all the rage with first-time homeowners. With more people trying to be self-sustaining, the knowledge and possibilities of a unique custom garden are at our fingertips. Let’s take a look at some of the health benefits and important phases of the perfect garden creation. 

Planning – The steps before planting and digging are just as important. The size, scope, and content of your garden matter greatly if you really want to get into the hobby. Depending on where you live, certain plants may not be great options so do your research before you buy just any plant! 

Now Is The Time For Your Vegetable Garden & Here’s Why! 1

Location Scouting – Take this step seriously! If your property has elevation changes and your home sits atop the hill, DO NOT place your garden directly downhill from the home. Your garden is now on a flood plain, the first big rain of the season will devastate all of your hard work. Look into retention walls and irrigation options if you want your garden within that area. 
Size – A garden can be small and minimalistic, or it can be a massive undertaking with an eclectic bounty. Deciding where and how much is a key topic to discuss before you start excavation of any kind.
Care – Pesticide-free or chemically sustained? Either are fine choices in today’s world, however, the goal of cultivating an entirely green and organic garden is an attractive one. This does present some difficult situations to navigate but it is well worth it. Pesticides, if handled incorrectly, are more harm than good; not to say they don’t work. Likewise, the satisfaction of biting into pure, organic produce, reaped for your hard work, is some of the best food a person can eat!

Irrigation – Getting too much or not enough water to your garden may be a catastrophe. Finding the right balance can be difficult so you may have to dig ditches, trenches, or install some form or piping system to collect or divert water. A properly irrigated garden can send your garden from a problematic hassle to a lush, green, and successful garden very quickly, so do not underestimate the need to excavate when considering irrigation solutions.

Now Is The Time For Your Vegetable Garden & Here’s Why! 2

Health benefits – Not everyone has time to hit the gym, at home, or at a location where you pay a costly monthly membership. Between work, commuting, and children’s busy schedules, exercise can become somewhat of a scarcity. If you decide to maintain a garden not only will you be getting a nice dose of sunlight but you will be getting some much-needed exercise. Gardening isn’t an intense or physically draining task, but it does allow you to have a stable and consistent time of activity. The sunlight, fresh air, and the bounty harvested from the garden are all excellent health benefits, and great reasons to begin cultivating your garden today!

The list goes on as far as reasons why starting a garden is a good idea. You will save money on produce, you will have a cathartic hobby, you will have a detail of your property which adds value and intrigue. Best of all, you are never too old or too young to start. Gardening in any capacity is great for the young and the old. So grab a pair of gloves, go outside, and take in some sun this summer while maintaining a garden of your choosing.