Everyone wants to increase the curb appeal of their home. With just a small investment you can make a big impact!

  1. Start with a good spring/fall yard clean-up; a little extra muscle goes a long way! Rake the leaves, weed, trim and prune bushes, shrubs and trees.
  2. Hide you’re A/C unit or camouflage eyesores with bushes or small trees. Once they grow in you’ll never be bothered by it again.

    flower bed planted in front lawn of house
  3. Pressure wash bricks, wood decking, concrete, stucco, windows, they will look new again!
  4. Install pretty window boxes and/or add flower beds below your windows.
  5. Create a flower bed around your trees for pop of color!
  6. Get a professional to fertilize and mow your lawn for a healthy looking yard!

    large flower bed with plants and stones accenting
  7. Add some simple edging to any flower beds for a little pizazz and it will protect the area from the mower.

    custom brass landscape lighting installed by front porch in garden bed
  8. Create a stone walkway.
  9. Build a pergola with a touch of greenery and vines for added interest.
  10. Outdoor lighting/solar spotlights, increases nighttime curb appeal; aim lights at trees, rock garden or flower beds for a little drama.

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